Integrating Artisan Furniture into Your BigCommerce Store : A Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to connect Your Shopify Store with Artisan Furniture

Login into your BigCommerce Account.

Go to your BigCommerce Admin page - (Usally

Login with your credentials.

Access the Setting Section:

In your BigCommerce Dashboard, Navigate to Setting Section.

Here are the steps to create API key in your BigCommerce Account

  • Go to Setting

  • Click on Store-level API accounts.

  • Click on Create API Account.

Setting Up API Permissions for API Account:

In this section, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to configure API permissions for your app. These permissions define the specific areas of your store that your app can access and interact with. To tailor the permissions to your app's needs, simply select the following options:

  • Products - modify

  • Store Inventory - modify

  • Store Location - modify

  • Information & Setting - read only

These permissions will enable your app to effectively manage your store's products and inventory.

Here is the detail video for same.

After configuring API key a file will be downloaded inside that you will see a key "API PATH" in that you will get the Store ID, see below screenshot for more details.

Add BigCommerce Store into Artisan Flow

Click on the button Add Store & then Click on BigCommerce Icon.

After click the BigCommerce icon you will be able to see the below pop-up.

After store has been added you will see below page.

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