Integrating Artisan Furniture into Your Wix Store : A Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to connect Your Wix Store with Artisan Furniture

Login into your Wix Account (

Login with your credentials.

Access the Account Setting Section:

  • Go to Wix

  • Click on Profile.

  • Go to Account Settings.

  • Click on API Key.

  • Click on Generate API Key

After that Enter API Identifier Name & Select Wix Store Permission & Then Generate API Key.

After Generate Api Key you recevied A token Copy That Token and keep it safe side for using in Adding store into Artisan Flow.

Here are the steps to add Wix into Artisan flow.

Click on the button add store and Click on the Wix Icon.

After click on wix you will see below screen.

Select Region where you have sell Artisan Product.

How to get wix site ID.

  1. Go to My site.

  2. Click on view Site.

  3. From Url you have to Copy Site ID.

& Paste API Token which you save while adding API key & then Submit.

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