Integrating Artisan Furniture into Your Magento Store: A Step-byStep Guide

Steps to connect Your Magento Store with Artisan Furniture

Login into your Magento Account (https://{domainname}/admin/).

Login with your credentials.

Access the System Section:

In your Magento Dashboard, Navigate to System.

Here are the steps to create User in your Magento Account

  • Go to System.

  • Click on All Users

  • Click on Add User.

After adding new user you will see a form and fill that and save.

After created user you have to define the roles for that particuler user.

Assign the permission that that particuler user and save that.

Make sure above permission should be tagged to user which you have created.

Click on the button Add Store & then Click on the WooCommerce Icon.

After click on the WooCommerce Icon you will get below popup.

Fill the respective details in the form which you can get from above steps.

After store has been added you will see below page.

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